Wednesday, January 6, 2016


January 6 - Epiphany - the coming of the Wise Men to see Baby Jesus

A story told so often we know it by heart, or do we?

Jesus was the promised Messiah which the Jews were watching and waiting for.  Generation after generation the promise was passed on with anticipation.  The wise men, however, were not Jewish. They came from the East, gentiles.  They saw God's special star in the sky and they were moved to follow it to see the Savior.  They knew this Savior was for all people.

This wasn't exactly a walk down the block or even across town. Great care had to be taken in setting off with a caravan of any size. Camels and wise men like to eat, you know and nights get cold. Many supplies had to be gathered and packed for the journey of unknown length.  How many wise men we are not told.  We are told, though, in addition to necessities they took care to pack gifts and priceless ones at that.

Without question or delay, they set out, guided by a star to find the newborn King and present him with costly gifts.  They were not held back by doubts and they didn't bring cheap trinkets for show.  Worship, full of awe and wonder and praise.

This is the story of heart we know and treasure and hold as an example as we worship our King daily. His "star" still guides us.  Confidently follow.  What best will you give him?                     (jh)

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  1. Happy Epiphany back at you! Wanted to 'test' the comment section. Enjoyed our time together earlier today. God had a plan for us to link up!