Thursday, December 17, 2015


How would you feel if you were going about your daily business and suddenly an angel appeared? Not only appeared, but spoke AND spoke "craziness" telling you some outlandish  prophecy that you were to experience!    

This is exactly what happened to young Mary. A mere teenager and the angel appeared telling her she would have a baby without a husband and this baby would be the Savior of the world!  What would you do with news like that?  Would you as I would humbly, or truthfully selfishly, spout every objection you could think of trying to change the angel's mind?  Mary puts me to shame.  She simply replies, "OK". Not flippantly, but in faith.  Later, when she visits her cousin Mary breaks into song, her Magnificat.   She praises God for His greatness and for what He will accomplish in His lowly servant.  Humbly she glorifies her Lord with her whole heart as if no one is watching.  She had no idea her prayer and response would be recorded for all to see and hear.  She had no way of knowing she would be set as an example of how to respond to God's calling.

Daily God calls us to humbly serve Him.  Sometimes it's easy to happily serve because the job is enjoyable. Other times the task is challenging, even daunting.  Do we still serve joyfully?  Do we sing God's praises through the hard times when we don't know where life is going?  As we go through our days, let's learn from young Mary and make her our example to follow.  You may be the example being set for someone else.

Sing praises to God as you go about your days.  The good days and the not as good days because in God's plan each situation is for our good.  

Sing your "magnificat" and dance like no one's watching. Someone always is. 


                                       Oh, the wonder of creation!!

Have you ever worked over  a particular project and at completion were extremely proud of your creation?  Coming out of your work area you proudly showed it to the people around you and no one took particular notice.  Maybe they shrugged or grunted a heartless, “Nice”.  So you displayed it in a place of honor yet people passed by without notice.
Sometimes I think that must be how God feels.  He has created each day for us to enjoy yet we hurry through it too often without notice.  The beautiful colors and textures in nature,  the intricacies of a flower or a wing of a bird or bug, our hearts beating and flowing blood through our bodies and still we seldom take notice.
God creates most amazing treasures of beauty, big and small, for us to enjoy and tucks them into each day.  Too quickly we get upset from things that inconvenience us throughout the day completely missing the beauty and peace God offers when we focus on the things He has made and the blessings He gives.

You like to be complimented, so does God.  Tell Him how beautiful His work is, how marvelously things are in order. Praise Him and Praise Him often.