Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Walk Don't Run

Sometimes when I am driving along I just have to stop.  Perhaps the sun is sculpting the clouds allowing a few rays to filter  through or it is dancing across the water making  it sparkle like a thousand diamonds, or maybe a flock of birds are playfully flying above me causing me to pause.  Too often we hurry along our way looking without seeing what is around us -  Beauty, the needs of others,  so many blessings and reasons to praise our almighty God.  

Many times I’ve sighed to think how sad it was to get my driver’s license.  So excited for the newfound freedom, but the bike got used less and less with the ability to get places faster and eventually found its place on a hook in the garage.  It’s not our lifestyle here in America to usually walk or bike to our destinations and yet, in our hurry we miss so much.
In Jesus’ time walking was the normal means of getting around.  We read several times where the disciples barely made it to a destination that took hours to walk to and they turned around to get back to where they left.  It all took time. 

 What does one do with all that time? Talk, pray, meditate, plan, observe the list goes on….
Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday and yet in all the pomp and circumstance, He did not rush into town on a galloping steed, but slowly on the back of a baby donkey.  Jesus came to Jerusalem to be murdered.  He didn’t wait until the last minute and have His enemies rush Him away,  but came a week ahead of time.  He lived purposefully and even while on the cross, made use of every minute He had left on this earth. 

As  we reach the height of Holy Week, take your time.  Linger in the garden and pray.  Carry the weight of the heavy steps along the Via Dolorosa.  Observe the subtle meanings in the events and feel the very deep love.  The love our Father has for each one of us that send Jesus to the cross. This is a good opportunity to develop the habit of daily bible time.   Steep in God’s Word.

With the shepherds we rush to the manger, but let’s walk ever so slowly the road to Golgotha. (JH)  

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